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This was originally taken from PeterP from the official DCS forum.I give full credit to him. I only made a few little tweaks in regards to line numbers. These line numbers may change in the future as config entries are rearranged. This also serves as a backup in case other information is lost.


I take no responsibility if this screws up your game. I had no issues myself. Make a backup of this file before you change it!!!!!!

How to

Navigate to ...\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\MissionEditor and open the MissionEditor.lua with a proper editor (Notepad++)

1. Than go to line #258 (221 for me)

and change it from this:

fullscreen = true
to this:
fullscreen = false
2. Now go to line #311 (243 for me)

and change it from this:
Gui.CreateWindow(width, height, fullscreen)
to this:
Gui.CreateWindow(1900, 1040, fullscreen)
1900x1040 is an example, I am using a monitor that is 1920x1080. I found that this left a perfect border around the menu. Keep in mind that my task bar is on my second monitor, so you might have to reduce it lower than 1040 for a perfect fit.

Now every-time you start DCS-World the GUI will be windowed in the resolution you have set. But the Simulation will start as set in the options-menu .