Arma 3 .PBO Packing Without P Drive

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  • Arma 3 Tools
    • Addon Builder
  • Mikero's Tools?

Arma 3 Tools Addon Builder

1:Addon souce dir:%DIR%/addonfolder/a3/*addonnamefolder*/*contents and pbo prefix* (place where $pbo$ goes?)
2:Destination dir:%DIR%/*finished pbo goes here*
3:Path to proj folder:%DIR%/addonfolder (does this also determin pbo name?)

Is it possible that the difference between 1 and 3 is the "prefix=" and the the location of 1 is where $PBOPREFIX$ goes

Goal of this guide

The goal of this guide is to create addons without mounting a P drive. While using the P drive is more straight forward, this guide demonstartes an alternative for those not yet willing to mount P drive. Using this guide will create and place the PBO prefix file in the correct location. This guide also involves the use of Mikero's Tools.