A-10C Start up

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This article is a stub or a work in progress


Personal Record: TBD
This is the full start up procedure according to the included tutorial mission. This is considered the proper, realistic start up procedure.

Quick Start

Personal Record: 5:20:00
This is my own version of a full start up. It focuses on a full CDU ground alignment as quick as possible. The main priority is to get the CDU powered on as soon as possible. Some systems may be powered up during taxi, during or after takeoff.


Personal Record: TBD
This version is the fastest possible start up that I can think of to get the aircraft airborne. It requires an in flight CDU alignment and partial single engine taxi. Some systems will be powered up during taxi, during or after takeoff.


  1. Battery switch - ON
  2. Inverter switch - ON
  3. APU switch - START
    • wait
  5. Left throttle - IDLE
    • must start left engine first to allow for nose wheel steering for taxi!
  • TBC